Our Manufacturing Process

The core principles and values of the brand, meant that from the outset, our objective was to manufacture solely here in the UK and of the upmost importance.

We are proud of the UK’s strong ethical values where employees are treated with care, respect and work to appropriate hours in authorised factory settings. This encourages fabrication of products to the highest standards in a competitive global market.

We are a British company and are therefore proud of our British heritage. We are passionate about supporting and reviving the British textiles industry, which has seen a lot of its production move abroad in the last three decades. However, the UK still excels in making high quality, yet low volume products to a gold standard, complementing our niche market.

*image courtesy of Make it British

We are also keen to support local businesses within the textile trade that offer a plethora of knowledge and expertise through their seamstresses and individuals such as Derek (our pattern cutter), with many having spent their entire careers in the industry.

*image courtesy of Discovery Knitting

We explored various options within the East Midlands and selected an exceptional factory in Nottingham. One of our key drivers was to select a local manufacturer, so that we were heavily involved in the entire manufacturing process; from the initial designs to the final product. We work very closely with the ladies and gentleman in the factory and regard it as a second home, whereby smiles and laughter are forever in abundance.

Manufacturing locally enables us to react quickly to forever changing market conditions, thus if our products go out of stock, you won’t have to wait for a shipment from abroad to flaunt our stunning nursing range. We will continue to source and buy our fabric locally and always try to use sustainable cloth to protect the environment.