About Lotus Maternity

Born out of the want to empower mums to look and feel fantastic, Lotus Maternity has grown to offer a 100% natural range of baby & mum clothing and is championing parenting education with its mother & baby support group aptly named The Postnatal Plan.

Founded by Olivia Swift, midwife, Lotus’s true mission in life is to support mums by offering advice, connections and products to keep them flourishing from bump to baby and beyond.

Helping women to facilitate breastfeeding has been a passion of Olivia’s since studying midwifery and she went on to design the luxury nursing tops to allow women to feed discreetly and with confidence in public, without the need for muslin cloths or cover-up materials.

Lotus’s hero, and multi award winning, range of nursing tops are made using bamboo and viscose fibre materials.

This plant based material is soft to both baby and mum’s touch whilst being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Designed by midwives, (fashionable ones at that) and made for mums, this makes the perfect treat or present when welcoming a little one to the world.

Nottingham based Lotus has further brought its ethos to life in The Postnatal Plan, to support mums in navigating the new challenges of parenthood whilst making some lasting friendships with other mums in their local area.